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Android is all about the processes and the source code. The user goes through the whole project and then generate the source code. The processes it includes referring to the tools and procedures used in handling the software development. The net source you generate can be used in the creation of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Why Did We Need To Open The Android Source Code?

When we started experiencing the launching of mobile apps, Google started to develop Android apps in results. Our main motive was to provide the developers, OEMs, and carriers an open platform, so that they can come up with their actual innovative ideas.

We were focused mainly on one thing, which was to make sure about an open source Android software, that it is implemented as widely and compatibly as possible, to everyone's benefit.

What Kind Of Open Source Project Is Android?

Google analyzes an overall development of the core Android open source platform and then start working on the creation of robust development and user communities. The Android source code which is generated, is mostly licensed under the permissive Apache Software License 2.0, instead of "copyleft" license. The reason behind this is, widespread adoption of the software, and we always believe that the ASL2.0 license is the best one to reach the goal.

How Is An Android Software Developed?

Every platform of android version developed, has a corresponding branch in an open source tree. At any certain point, the most considered is the “current stable" branch version, which is called to be one of that manufacturer’s ports to their devices. This branch is founded suitable at all the times of release.

On the other hand, there is one more "current experimental" branch, which is where the putative contributions, such as large next-generation features, are developed. At last, Google decided to work on the next version of the Android platform in tandem with developing a flagship device.

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