Why The Parts Of Android Are Developed In Private?

It hardly takes a one year approx to deliver a device in the market. But, it’s very obvious that the device manufacturers prefer to ship the latest software they can. And if to know about the developers, they don’t try to track new versions of the platform, when they are busy in writing the apps.

Some parts of the next Android version are created in a private branch, including the core platform APIs. These API’s are creating the next version of Android. We are focused only on the current version of the Android system which is stable and definitely not related to application compatibility. All we want is, to move on all these parts of an open development.

When Are Source Code Releases Made?

After the completion of source code, it was very tough to release it, as it was a fairly complex process to handle. To get an availability of source code always, we have developed some of the source code openly. Firstly the other parts were developed in a private tree and later that source code was released when the next platform seems to be all set.

In some of the releases, it was possible for the core platform to be ready in advance, so that we can execute the source code out in the area, where the device will be released. But unfortunately, in some of the releases, this isn't possible at all. In almost all the cases, we always prefer to leak out the source when we really feel that the version has stabilized enough, and when the development process allow us to so.

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