What Is Involved In Releasing The Source Code For A New Android Versixon?

It has been a significant process of the Android platform to always work on releasing the source code for a new version. The process is somewhat like this.

The software gets developed into a system image for a device

Entered through distinct forms of certification, including government regulatory certification for the regions the phones will be deployed.

It also faces the mode of an operator testing.

Once the releasing get an approval from the regulators and operators, the builder begins mass producing devices, and we turn to deliver the source code.

With full efforts, Google team makes it possible to prepare an open source release. The efforts the google team put on includes: making final API changes, updating documentation, preparing an SDK for the new version, and launching the platform compatibility information.

To release the code into open source, they also include a final legal sign-off. Open source contributors are needed to sign a Contributors License Agreement attesting to their thoughtful property ownership of their contribution. Just like same, Google too must identify it is clear to make contributions.

It usually takes a month around to complete the process of software release. When the devices reach the users, at the same time the source code releases.

How does the AOSP relate to the Android Compatibility Program?

The Android Open Source Project has developed and maintained many of the softwares and new versions. It can be used for any required purpose, as it is totally an open source platform.

What is the main function of the Android compatibility program?

The main working of the Android Compatibility Program is to explain the concept of baseline implementation of Android that they are authorized with the third party apps documented by the developers.

The Android compatible devices may take part in the android ecosystem which includes, Google Play. The devices which are not founded compatible, will be thrown out of the ecosystem.

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