Contribution To Android!

There are various techniques to be can add on to Andriod. A number of options can be available to open source projects like report bugs, add source code or write apps for Android.

There is some kind of code contributions that we are wanting to accept within our limit. For example, some are willing to make a contribution to an alternative application API, and make it full C++ based environment. We would like to decline that condition so that Android encourages applications to run in the ART runtime. In the same way, we will not accept the contributions such as GPL or LGPL libraries that does not match with our license goals.

We here are to encourage those who are interested in contributing source code to contact us via through the channel list on the Android Community page prior to beginning any work.

What Type Of Devices Are Android Compatible?

There are many kinds of devices, which consists of the Android software in it. There are also such devices of the Android software which includes third-party apps that won’t run properly. In such case, CDD (The Android Compatibility Definition Document) will tell about the specific device configurations that will be considered compatible.

For example, the Andoird source code will be written on the device, which don’t have a camera. Now, the CDD needs all devices to have a camera. This situation will tell the developer that on which consistent set of capabilities they should rely, when writing their apps.

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