The world today has become tech savvy. The first impressions are made through your website. Companies have other main priorities; they have to concentrate on their mainstream work. We, at ITinfoCube, are here at your disposal to do the web hosting for your website. We have a team of dedicated people who have adequate skills and techniques to manage web hosting. Mentioned are few services under web hosting which will be provided to our esteemed customers:

  • 24*7 FTP access – So your website can get updated regularly.

  • Round the clock support –The world never stops. People are always logged onto internet. We will make sure your site is available at all hours to the customers no matter how odd the hour is!

  • All time support staff- Any time your site run into a problem you can safely fall back on us to handle it. A set team will be available to handle all errors.

  • Reliable servers- No matter how much the traffic is, if we are the hosts the site will never crash! We will provide you with reliable servers resulting in faster loading of data, less chances of crash, more security etc.

If it is not working properly then everything goes in vain. ITinfoCube gives top notch web hosting services. We treat your website as our own-regularly checking it, keeping it online each second and resolving every minute error.

  • Managed Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Hosting
  • Instantaneous Customer Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Incomparable Customer Service

ITInfoCube, is engaged in offering website development in India and the best web developer in Gurgaon, and it is famous for its stellar Ecommerce development services and dedicated, expert staff. Their competent, committed staff is stalwart at website development, handling the design and development of any complex websites with ease. They see this as not just coding and programming drudgery, but as an exciting opportunity to provide excellent, skilled services to their clients, showcasing their devotion to knowing and valuing a customer’s real tastes and needs – addressing them perfectly. Website development in India has become most challenging with the dynamic nature of this market, and the exponential growth in the IT sector: companies such as ITInfoCube (with the feather in its cap of being the best web developer & web applications in Gurgaon, the IT hub of India) blend quality with expertise, to provide the best service at the most reasonable rate.

Their website development focuses on a large variety of purview: they focus on corporate and business websites; online retail (their Ecommerce development services hailed as one of the very best in the market – those that allow all manner of small and large businesses to thrive online); networking and social media websites for any and all services – even online dating sites and matchmaking portals; B2B and B2C networking intermediaries; Education geared websites that focus on online learning services (such as online training, via tools such as e-books, webinars, etc.); real estate and market oriented websites; and they even help with customer management and other resource based portals.

Moreover, all of these services are provided such that their nonpareil web design marries functionality, efficiency, elegance and ingenuity in the most innovative of ways. Since this is the ‘first impression’ of your company’s business, it’s vital to establish the best possible showcase for your services – and ITInfoCube’s website development services cater to exactly these needs.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  •  SEO Faqs  

Search Engine Marketing is the latest technique to promote your website on the internet. According to survey, 80% of online users use search engines for the purpose of finding the information and shopping online.

We'll create a substantial Search Engine Marketing campaign that turns into profitable stuff.

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Few of several reasons you may consider before you go for Search Engine Optimization
  • Make your online Presence visible to end user (Customer)
  • Increase your keywords ranking
  • Target your specific audience
  • Get volume of traffic
  • Flash Web Design
  • Convert your visitors into customer
  • Know your competitors and beat them

Search engine Optimization is a technique to optimize a website in such a way that it comes in the top 10 results when user searches for relevant keyword/search terms in search engines. The process involves optimizing your site for search engines and creating quality back links to your site through link building.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Competitive analysis for the main keywords
  • Analysis of HTML and page design structure
  • Manual submission of website to major search engines
  • Monitoring and maintaining search engine placement
  • Analysis and recommendations to create a Link Development Campaign
  • Recommendations for ongoing content creation and updates

The aim to implement social media optimization is to get high amount of traffic. The concept of Social Media Optimization was introduced after the increasing popularity of social media sites. Basically, SMO is used to promote the business through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Digg etc.

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Our SMO Services
  • YouTube Marketing Service
  • Facebook Marketing Service
  • Linked In Marketing Service
  • Twitter Marketing Service

Pay per Click is an advertising program initiated by Google. PPC advertising is the sort of making your listing on Google's first page for your specific keyword(s). Advertisers need not to pay anything to the Search engines to appear on the page. Advertisers

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Benefits of PPC at ITinfoCube
  • Your brand will be represented positively online.
  • Cost effective bid management
  • No automated or software management. Only manual bid management.
  • Your PPC Management will be managed by an AdWords Qualified Experts.
  • Over 5 Years of Experience
  • Instant 24 / 7 Support
  • Sit back and relax or make your time usable to other business plans

SEO may be a new thing for many website owners. Here is the explanation to all SEO related queries you may have.

We are answering some of the questions that might arise in your mind while launching your website.

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Find the answers of most important questions like:
  • What is a SEO
  • What is difference in SEO/SEM/SMO?
  • How can I be benefitted after SEO of my website?
  • Is SEO a one time activity?
  • How soon I can see the results and in what way would I realize your SEO efforts?
  • Do you provide SMO along with SEO in a combined package?
  • Do I need to provide Website access details?
  • What if I don't want to give my site's access details?
  • Do I need to provide keywords?
  • Would I receive any work report on a weekly or monthly basis?
An expert SEO service provision company, providing a huge gamut of end solutions – from search engine optimization, on-page optimization, website development, and website management, to marketing and web design – ITInfoCube, based in a prominent IT hub Gurgaon, India, also provides stellar software application services, following very stringent international standards in development and methodology. 
Their software application services include accounting software, billing and invoicing software, education based management software (applicable to both school level and higher level educational establishments, such as colleges and universities: this is in fact their strongest suit, and caters to many educational institutions in the NCR region), mobile application development and this is spread into a whole range of other software development, including website development. 

They offer such software application services as custom application development to meet the ever increasingly specialized business world (preparing plans, blueprints, graphics and developing it to your exact specifications); application migration (allowing for your technology to keep with the dynamic market forces in action) by integrating all of the benefits of your own system, yet optimizing it by upgrading it to the latest platforms and architecture, and by using the best technological solutions; they also have application maintenance services and database administration services: all the software application services that can help keep your establishment on top!
ITInfoCube offers all manner of software solutions to any kind of website – from on-page optimization, search engine optimization, website management and a whole greater gamut of professional SEO services, at reasonable and affordable rates. Their dedicated, expert staff is further, equipped to provide efficient and capable outsourcing services as well – with respect to their offshore development center that caters exclusively to providing online and software solutions to benefit your enterprise and maximize profit. 
Their range of expert services includes social media optimization, search engine optimization, web development, website management, on-page optimization, web marketing projects, software development – and much, much more. 
Their offshore development center is world renown, providing expert services to over 31 clients, and in 5 major countries – the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada Ireland, and France – prioritizing profit maximization, minimizing overheads and providing optimal support, development and care. 
The most important thing too look out for is the efficacy of employing offshore services as opposed to in0house technical and software services – namely, the great reduction in cost, yet with a multi-talented team of dedicated experts who will be on call always, and give accurate up-to-date reports on the projects in question – but with the full control of an in house solution, at a fraction of the price.