Unable to Download App

Be careful! “Unable to Download App” is the considerable error message and can have many reasons, like:

  • UDID is not combined with the provisioning profile
  • The build was inaccurately signed or has broken privilege
  • The Device or IOS version is unsuitable with the build
  • The storage device is full
  • Realistic download error
  • The App is over 50 MB and more downloaded over a cellular connection

IOS does not retain the detailed error message, that is accessible on the device. Make sure that your device is always registered with HockeyApp.

Observe Console Log

If you are a perfect developer of any app and want to reproduce the problem on your device, act to follow these steps:

  • ​​Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac
  • Open Xcode 6, then go to Window > Devices
  • Select your device in the left sidebar
  • Open the device by making a click over the little triangle at the bottom of the window

During an App installation, you can view many warning or error messages. If you want help on these error messages, please go to the store and then log into a .txt file and send it to us.

Background Installation

The installation process of apps is now done in the background, which means the user has to manually go to the home screen to view the installation progress. Please check the update to HockeySDK 3.5.7 or later to manage this app update.

Installation of Provisioning Profiles by Manual

With IOS 8, Apple download a provisioning profile by manually disabling a feature, i.e. the Install profile button doesn't work and settings. app didn’t allow to install the profile. The list of installed provisioning profiles also not visible in IOS app settings. The only one solution is to create a new development for each new profile and to upload that developed to HockeyApp.

The HockeyApp no longer shows the Install Profile button on the download page for devices running IOS 8.

Automatic Authentication

This feature no longer works. The Apple has removed access to the iTunes Artwork from within the app. The automatic authentication feature is retained only sometimes in IOS 8.

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