App Developers Facing The Legal Problems

1. Confidentiality

In the technical world, Confidentiality problem arises frequently. Because of the inventive nature of the industry, people are easily open to share their ideas in possible competition.

The most common way of insuring the confidentiality, is to use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when the NDA is dealing with any other outer parties that are likely to become an aware of your confidential information. It usually comes with outsourcing.

Before you started the negotiations with the other developers, designers and other copywriters, etc. that you are considering working with an NDA, agree that they won’t disclose any of the other sensitive info about the project.

2. Intellectual Property Ownership

It is generally called as IP, Intellectual property like, all work that is developed in the process of developing, marketing, and selling. To a business owner, it is more important to ensure all IP that the business has generates is owned by your company, and not other people can generate it.

In app development, the source code, designs, graphics, application name, application icon, and any other written content within the app would be favored. The one of the important things to be known is, if you are outsourcing one or more of these processes while creating an app, it is important that you set forth who owns with a proper legal agreement.

You should always make any of the agreement, when you enter with an outsourced worker consist of an “IP Assignment”and that clearly specifies with your limited liability entity owns whatever work is created. It is harder to fight about ownership down the road when your app tops the charts and then return starts pouring in.

3. Intellectual Property Protection

Against the competitors, you can also consider the further steps to protect your intellectual property. The 3 main steps to perform by registering includes, trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

  • Trademarks – It can protect things such as, your app name, company name or logo of a company.
  • Copyrights –This would apply to any written or artistic works, including the source code, content, and designs.
  • Patents – It can protect the processes and inventions that are new and non-obvious.

The forms of all these IP protection are more important and useful for different reasons, depending on the nature and behavior of your applications and the business goals.

4. Terms of Use and Privacy

Application developers deal with the terms of use and privacy policies. It is a very important legal issue for the developers who are facing the issues. Theses issues are mainly created when, despite the general lack of awareness. If not properly addressed, they can serve more consequences for your business.

Terms of Use

It is basically legal agreement that, the app developer is entering with every user of your app. The agreement automatically works, when a user is using your app. The term of use is basically divided into the four sets:

  • ​​What the app is?
  • How it should be used?
  • What constitutes improper use?
  • What the consequences of improper use will be?

There are some very basic apps that have no interactivity between users and other outsiders. For them, it is not necessary to have the Terms of Use agreement. If users are interacting with each other and the interaction with another member of the company in another way, you should certainly think about having the Terms of Use agreement.

Privacy Policy

It is also a major legal issue, especially when apps that are likely to attract the children like users. You are any time allowed to collect the “personally identifiable information” that is PII, from the users and you are liable for violating privacy laws.

PII includes, names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, locations, and many other types of info. If the app can collect all data in any way, you should have a privacy policy that reveals, what data is collected and how it is used?.

The App development is a fun, quick, and exciting business. But it comes to the other businesses to deal with the legal issues and for that, you must be aware with the proper information in order to minimize your risk and achieve the success.

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