Can You Speed Up Magento? Yes! Let’s Start-

The problems come when the performance is slow. It is same with the Magento platform! When the problems are caused in Magento, it leads to slow performance and the speed is very slow.

So, how can you speed up Magento's performance?

The best suggestion is that, to enable its Compilation function. Doing this, the performance will be increased between 25%-50% of page loads.

To enable Magento Compilation-

1. Click on the Magento admin panel
2. Go to the > System > Tools > Compilation

You Need To Setup A Blog In Magento? Let’s Know How To Do It!

Well, It’s not so easy to set-up a place for a blog in Magento. One thing about Magento is, it is not done by default. You have to perform this through custom extension.

Firstly, You can search Magento Connect for an extension, which will entirely work according to your specifications. One of the most suitable and usable free extensions that you can use is the Magento Blog– Community Edition and Enterprises Edition. The Same procedure goes with all other Magento extensions! The current, actively supported versions of Magento Community Edition are CE and 2.0.4 released on March 31, 2016.

Installing the current extension will benefit you! Once you have installed the extension, you will find one new additional section in the top menu of your Magento admin panel, which is known as a Blog. Further on, from that section you are granting to adjust the newly-installed Blog settings, add posts, etc. This extension also provides the other services.

Can You Fix The Issues For “Access Denied”?? Yes! Let See How?

The perfect suitable solution is to, Log out of the Magento admin panel and then again login the Magento panel. If this doesn’t help, you need to reset the admin prerogative through the Magento admin panel > System > Permissions > Roles > Administrators, to follow these steps and then, the problem of Access Denied get fixed.

Go to the Role Resources option from the left menu.

Note: All the Resource Access is set.

Go to the Save Role button and the permissions will be reset.

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