How long does a student take to learn the use of Moodle?

To learn Moodle, a student just needs to grab basic web browsing and editing skills. It hardly takes a few days to completely deal with computer knowledge to use Moodle. Once learned all the computer skills, a student can use Moodle instantly.

What things require for the student before making a use of Moodle!

The student needs to know the process of logging into the site and course, and also have some basic web browsing and computer skills. Having such knowledge will help the student to make a use of Moodle with ease.

How long the student need to be online to use Moodle?

Moodle is a complete online LMS (learning management system). So, you and your student will have to spend maximum of the time in front of a computer. Rest if talking about the total time taken, then it depends on what you use Moodle for. There are various Moodle sites, which are used to mix offline and online learning activities.

Getting help

Is there any existence of an official support desk for Moodle?

The answer is yes and no, because forums can serve as a support desk. As a part of service Moodle Partners may charge for support desk. If the LMSs is high in price, than a school or consortium will maintain the help desk.

What should I do, if stuck? Are there any good tutorials around?

In such case, simply get some help at in a forum or look for the Moodle documentation. If you want to read out the manual, then you can purchase for it and also there is availability of books.

Where I can find out more questions about a tool?

To get more information about a tool, make a search in Moodle documentation by using the search box on the left of every page in Moodle Docs. Moreover, on your Moodle site, click on the help button. Go to a forum committed to that tool. Research it by making a use of the Search box at the top of this page.

Where do I suggest any improvements, and put forward what things I wanted to add on a Moodle?

If you want to suggest any improvements, Moodle Tracker is the best place to do so. Make a note of your issue or suggestion in the forum and let the people know about your innovative ideas. If your suggestion found useful, you may get many votes of the people.

Where to seek for Moodle training?

Well, there are a number of places who offer training on Moodle. However, if you look for Moodle Partners, they will give you the best knowledge and can also provide official training on the use of Moodle.

One recommendation to use:

Do the Moodle HYPERLINK, ""Course Creator Certificate to improve your skills.

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