Basic Moodle Jargon

You must be knowing that Moodle uses jargon words that you may be familiar with from other, non-Moodle contexts. Within Moodle, These words have their own specific meanings, which are explained below:

What does the course mean?

A course is the basic learning area on Moodle, where an instructor displays complete materials for their students.

What does the category mean?

A category refers to a group of things and have different meaning in Moodle. These groups may relate to courses by a certain criteria, such as: Science; Junior School; Staff Area. Moreover, It can also be a group of questions, or a group of entries in a glossary.

What is an activity?

An activity refers to the tasks that develop interactions between the students and teachers. Moodle offers around dozens of activity types to a teacher and further, he/she make use of those tools in a course.

What is a Resource?

Resources relates to the items, that a teacher can use to reinforce learning, such as a file or a link. There are around 6 resource types that can be added to a course, which comes with a standard Moodle.

What is a Block?

Blocks are the items, which can be found in the left or right on a course's home page. A user can add a number of different blocks to add in a course, or pages within a course.

What is a Plugin?

The plugin is an optional additional component used in the functionality to your Moodle. There are some types of standard Moodle plugins, that need to be turned on by Moodle Administrator. A user can download more plugins from the Modules and Plugins database.

What is a Filter?

Filters are used when there is a need of adding links, inserting multimedia players, converting Mathematical expressions or emoticons into displaying images.

What is a Section?

A section can be defined as an area within a
courseHYPERLINK ""'HYPERLINK ""s homepage that build a hold on the activities and resources. Standard course section formats are topics, weeks, social and SCORM.

What is a Role?

Role completes its meaning, when a user is allowed to do work on a Moodle site. Typical roles can be done by a student and teacher. A role is mainly defined as a collection of permissions, that are assigned to specific users in specific contexts.

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