Is there a need of own server to run Moodle?

Moodle definitely needs a web server. Well, there are lots of options available. You can look for Moodle Partners and find complete install packages for Windows or Complete Install packages for Mac and Installation FAQ.

Can I install Moodle myself?

You can install the Moodle by your own. All you need is a little guidance. Most of the organizations are having a policy on this and/or someone to perform the installation. You can take help of them.

Can I customize a theme and make it about our school?

Yes, you can customize a theme. See Themes! And with a single course, customize the themes. There are many other alternate ways to make Moodle look attractive.

Does it matter what computer type or browser I use for Moodle?

Definitely it matters a lot. No doubts, Moodle works well on all standard, but modern browsers and different operating systems can give you the more proficiency and effective use of Moodle. As with any other web based applications, you need to make sure of your audience, their typical bandwidth and web browsers.

Can Moodle be used from anywhere?

Yes, you can access Moodle from anywhere. All you need is, a web server attached to the internet and a system, mobile device or a tablet. It can also be accessed if you have a web server attached to the same intranet as a computer or tablets, which need to work it. Moreover, you can also access Moodle, even if you put Moodle on a USB drive.

Can access to Moodle be restricted to just our school?

Yes, it is possible that your Moodle gets restricted. There are several ways to do so. Like, you can install it on your schools internal network, or limit the IPs to those assigned by your school, or only manually enroll your students.

Can Moodle be accessed from a mobile device?

Yes. You can access Moodle from a mobile device, if you use Moodle 2.1 all you need to do is, set one theme as the default, but also set another theme for a mobile device and a different one for a tablet.

How to use a different VLE/LMS. Can I move my stuff over to Moodle?

Surely you can do so. Some VLE/LMS-specific activities may not have the compatibility, but you can zip your content files and unzip them in Moodle.

What should I do, if I spotted a bug in the system.

Simple Way- Go to Tracker, search if the bug has already been reported and then generate an issue if not done before.

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