Dear Teachers! Share Your Database Regularly

After a long time now, ODOO has launched a new platform in the world of online assessments. One can say that “ODOO is a best platform for an educational industries”, as it has developed a free ODOO Online access for academic goal!

ODOO knew that, the different education professionals in the fields of Business Management, Accounting, Human Resources and much higher, are looking for a business software to support their educational courses in well manner. That is why, ODOO has risen with an external details to identify key company processes, and become a great accustomed to the concept of ERP and other business management tools.

If you want the best business solutions, then it has been scrutinized so far, that many of the teachers and professors worldwide are making use of using ODOO online with full featured, tightly integrated, runs placidly, and upgrades harmlessly to run the courses.

ODOO Appearance To Providing Unlimited Database And Unlimited Users

Hey teacher! Do you know that, what you can do with an Odoo Education Program? If you need to design an endless database, then you are allowed to design as much as more databases you want to for a particular student. Obviously this ERP system has been launched for education purposes, so the schools or universities can have endless benefits with infinite databases. It also provides 30 main applications supported by the editor and the more than 1500 active members are added to contribute to cover a large variety of business needs.

But in any case, the teacher can face some complications while preparing their courses. What are they? Actually, a teacher wants to configure the database before sharing it with their students. The issue lies with the validation process, as the databases designed are limited only for 10 months. Therefore, the solution of this problem is that, the whole data of student is re-entered in every year and then, they are upgraded to the new class.

For more specified solution, ODOO has created an educational platform, so that, the data can be shared with every student after the course completion.

The Modern Education Platform

Now with the progress of the new educational platform, the teachers are now allowed to design any database and can promulgate on the platform with ease and simplicity. If once the teacher promulgate the database publicly, then they will publish a copy of an existing data on the platform. It has no time limit to copy a published data, because of the student can easily access the data through a search filter. This doesn’t demonstrate that a teacher doesn’t have to re-design the database every year, still it requires, but the data which promulgate is public and anyone can have a look at the course through an, "open source" community spirit.

Nothing Is As Easy As Odoo

Making things and ideas easy for a teacher, is the main aim of ODOO. That is why, we have decided to make some modifications in the registration process for teachers. The teacher just needs to follow the simple educational guidelines and great ideas to access an education program.

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