Why ODOORPC? What Make’s It’s exclusive?

RPC Protocol

The first point of the RPC is to be discussed as, RPC is one of the most supported protocols. The reason for XML-RPC to be in ODOO is its congeniality. The way we build RPC requests, we do construct these protocols in the same way.

RPC protocol provides few points, which make a JSON-RPC a better choice in handling the errors engender by the ODOO server. We need to maintain a clean and maintainable base code, but it would have been hard enough to support both protocols in OERPLib. This is the main reason, why OdooRPC only support JSON-RPC.

Another major point about JSON-RPC is, it can simply request all server web controllers to emulate requests (type=’json’ ones) which has been developed by an official Javascript web client. The code which is brought out to make such requests is based on standard HTTP related Python modules. Well, OdooRPC has the capability to easily request HTTP web controllers (type=’http’ ones).

ODOORPC works as a high level of API, which benefits you to emulate the behavior of an official Javascript web client, but in Python.

New server API

The main aim of OERPLib is to give API an authority from the server side to emulate the learning space between server-side growth and client-side with RPC library. The new API has been appeared in ODDO 8.0, so the existing API of OERPLib will not be deliberate for the next coming years.

OERPLib is mainly a Python module, which provides an easy and simple way to handle out your OpenERP and Odoo servers through the help of RPC.

The main features supported:

  • XML-RPC And (Legacy) Net-RPC Protocols
  • Approach to all Methods initiated by a Model Class with an API similar to the Server-Side API
  • Ability to use Named Parameters with such Methods (Server >= 6.1)
  • User Context Automatically Sent (Server >= 6.1) bring Support for Internationalization
  • Reports Downloading
  • Inspection Capabilities
  • Execute Workflows
  • Manage Databases
  • Browse Records
New Brand ODOO

The ancient name of ODOO was Open ERP, documented by old developers when they started the OpenERP adventure. The name was changed to ODOO because, the developers had considered, OpenERP brand is led to disappear frequently, and the new developments in the ODOO sector will get drown with the name.

Maintaining Cost And Code Cleanup

Since the old version 5.0 (2009), to making OERPlib has been very tough to maintain. But all the affinity code used for OpenERP 5.0 to 7.0 was settled for ODOORPC to work on the project for maintainability.

Now, ODOO is also known as the grown-up product and even OdooRPC is suffering less about affinity problems from one release to another.

The ODOORPC can only work on Python platform 2.7 to 3. X because, it doesn’t have the same motive for Python environments.

From one of the best projects, we should get immigration ODOORPC, as it is mainly based on Odoo >= 8.0. This version of ODOO is more reliable to the other older version of ODOO, better covered by unit tests, and almost has an interchangeable view to the server side.

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