Beliefs, Goals, and Philosophy Of PhoneGap

These insights are explored to clear up misunderstandings about the goals, beliefs and philosophy of PhoneGap.

The goals are created from our beliefs, and developed with their own philosophy. To understand a free and the best software project, like PhoneGap, requires extra knowledge of the implementation details. It's requires to understand the individuals behind the code. The people want to know that, what motivates them more about the technology is right for you, your goals, and the people you can work with.


PhoneGap was developed in Nitobi Software in 2008.Nitobi was a very famous web consultancy with the origin in the JavaScript scene. The PhoneGap framework is used by many mobile application platforms like, Asial's Monaca. The PhoneGap code was contributed to the Apache Software Foundation and to start a new project called Apache Cordova.


PhoneGap has two core dweller of belief:

  • The web is to determine the cross platform.
  • All the technology is depreciate with time.

We believe that the web has been the best solution to reach more devices of differing abilities. C is the one of the technology that deserves the title. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for all the respective growth have reached  in the demanding mass. Anyone, at any time, can publish anything from anywhere. That is the stuff of innovation and evolution as a species.


Understanding the beliefs makes it easy to understand, then, why we have composed a development team that is experienced in 8 languages, and as many other operating systems, and works daily with many phones to fill a refrigerator?. The one of the examples is that, we would put 'me in the fridge, but that's where we keep the beer so we built a big wall. The device wall is not something to keep that phone. It's for charging the recovery platforms out. Beliefs in hand, and let us view the goals with PhoneGap.

We have to provide the two high level goals with PhoneGap:

  • The web is the first class development platform.
  • The main purpose of PhoneGap is to desist to exist.

The web is not positively a first class development platform like, opaque introspection, blunt tools, poor API surface area, and a limited set of GUI elements. The web can host the different problems, or may be featured, such as the sandbox and many other missing APIs, which needs to address and provides a great opportunity.

The second goal of PhoneGap, it is not anarchic, but it is kind of commitment to standardization of the web as a platform. We believe in a web, which is open for anybody to participate. The main thing is that, we have to work with PhoneGap that is directly influenced by the work we look at the W3C, WHATWG, and other research like, Mozilla's WebAPI, BONDI, WAC, Webinars, webs, Tizen.


Many of the people are Window geeks. We believe in easy, simple, sharp and purpose built tools. PhoneGap is one of the same solution! We are not completely trying to be everything to everyone. We have to believe that, the web has solved a great use of cases in software, and as it is improved, it will continue to do so.

The second belief is that, we know the web is not the platform, but we can work actively to improve it. Firstly, we observe that the limitations of the web platform are harming the activity and giving an edge to recover the solutions with ease and better tools. That is not the future level with our beliefs, nor our goals.

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