How Apache Cordova becomes PhoneGap?

Every application or software project has its own different style and its own team of release managers. The industry changes rapidly and then, release management is no exception. This point discusses the Apache Cordova release application or model, and how it relates to PhoneGap?.

When and Why?

The Apache Cordova older model had required the major coordination from the manufacturing of the physical media, maybe burning CDs, to the marketing campaign. For the new model, we can export the new stuff every day and make a buzz about it whenever we want. In today’s development, software development can at least give the appearance more expectation, but still the feedback from customers is almost immediate.

An open source things are changed radically. The latest version usually called Edge, is always available. Download the latest version and take them for a test drive; anytime, anywhere.

Problems Were Made

To change the name, we have created a new effort that merges the JavaScript implementation of Cordova into a single canonical source. The rule of all Cordova platforms is that, it can never implement a single JS file, but we put a stop to additional duplication and centralize the JS writing efforts. Through this, we have contented out more small consistencies between platforms and depreciate some of the fuzzy edges. It has broken the things, and namely 3rd party plugins, which have been not up to this point officially supported.

The upcoming month increases to 2.x. The Apache Cordova team will make a combined effort to improve the quality and availability of documentation can lead by Michael Brooks.

Inflection, Heartbeat, and the Release Train

Each minor release, we can export is loosely themed on a normally agreed upon the goal for the project. (We can run to the rough consent on the mailing list, but other channels exist like IRC, Twitter and of course other Issue Tracker). Bugs can always take priority over new gleaming. The changing goal increases to the major releases, for which we aim to have one per year.

PhoneGap was mostly developed during the spare time, of Nitobi employees and a few outside helpers. We can stop on 0.8.0 for almost a year, and as a result of the community worked off Edge, has made the tracking issue very difficult, cascading into a host of uniformity and reliability issues, which quite frankly has jeopardized the entire effort. In l2009, IBM joined in the fray with Nitobi, and we started releasing once a month, and rolling issues over to the next MINOR.

Final Thoughts

It is an especially rare occurrence to see any software or application to ship on a regular schedule. The single software that works with multiple distributed team members from different organization are spread beyond time zones, cultures, devices, platforms, and different programming rules. Some might say that, this is lucky. We tend to agree, but we can also believe that, we’re making our own luck, and the heartbeat of the project is a big part in the larger community confidence in our work.

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