In past days, android application was not developed and most of the people were using it just for making phone calls, camera ,music player, pc's and web browser. But now presently, android application is used with new technologie, new softwares and vast operating systems.

What is Android??

Android is a glossary meaning of a person that features in automation. It is created by google to create a software stack for creating extensive mobile application and software to perform the complete possible solutions for all mobile phones and their complete possibilities. It is based on the linux kernal and designed for mainly touchscreen mobile devices like, tablet, smart phones etc. An android's user interface primarly based on direct manipulation, using touch keyboard for text input and any other touch screen devices. Google has another developed Android tv, Android auto for cars and and Android wear for wrist watch, each with use as a special user interface. There are many Android devices like, Notebook, digital camera, video games and other electronic devices.

Android is mainly used in last 15 years old. It is the one of the widely used opereating system in these days. It is wriiten in java programming and has used the java core libraries. The developers download the java kit (SDK) from the android website and also include the java tools, complete documents for creating a Android application and the website.

Different Versions Of Android

Version are mainly important for all Android mobile devices and the other devices like, pc's, camera, video games, tablets etc. There are list of versions in Android.

  • The first version of Android is 1.1, and developed in Feb 2009
  • The second version of Android is 1.5, the name is Cupcake and developed in April 2009.
  • The third version of Android is 1.6, the name is Donut and developed in Sep 2009.
  • The fourth version of Android is 2.0, the name is Eclair and developed in Oct 2009.
  • The fifth version of Android is 2.2, the name is Froyo and developed in May 2010.
  • The sixth version of Android is 2.3, the name is Gingerbread and developed in Feb 2011.
  • The seventh version of Android is 4.0, the name is Ice Cream Sandwitch and developed in Dec 2011.
  • The eight version of Android is 4.1, the name is Jelly Bean and developed in july 2012.
  • The nine version of Android is 4.2, the name is Jelly Bean and developed in Nov 2012.
  • The ten version of Android is 4.3, the name is Jelly Bean and developed in July 2013.
  • The eleven version of Android is 4.4, the name is KitKat and developed in Oct 2013.
  • The twelve version of Android is 5.0, the name is Lollipop and developed in Nov 2014.
  • The thirteen version of Android is 5.1, the name is Lollipop and developed in March 2015.
  • The fourteen version of Android is 6.0, the name is Marshmallow and developed in Oct 2015.

Features of Android

There are four types of Android features, which provides many facilities in Android application.

1) General

2) Connectivity

3) Media

4) Hardware support

1) General- In general, there are 6 sub parts of general features of Android:

Messaging- There are many forms of messaging like, text message, SMS, MMS and other including the latest and upgrade version is Cloud To Device Messaging(C2DM) and Google Cloud Messaging(GCM). The GSM messaging is an element of push messsaging services.

Voice based feature – It is a new feature of Android version. The version 2.2 has provided features of voice for google search, calling, texting, navigation, etc. It also supports the 4.4 version. The 4.4 version, google has increase voice action abilty to talk and read the answer from google graph.

Multitasking- It has the best feature of Android. They can use different app in the same time like, calling, surffing net etc. It can provide with unique hanadling of memory allocation.

Screen Capture- This is a very easy feature of Android. It is also called as screenshot. It is used by pressing the power and home screen button at the same time, then the data is catptured on your phone. This feature is also avaliable in pc's . The latest android alternative method are also available.

Video Calling- Some android versions are not supported for the video calling feature, but some handset have adjust the version of operating system that support it. There are many android applications for video calling like, hangout, line, wechat etc . This application is using the video calling feature. For video calling, you must have front camera in your mobile phone and pc's also.

Multiple Language Support– Android supports the multiple languages like, english, hindi ,marathi, gujrati etc.

2) Connectivity- In connectivity, there are 3 sub part of connectivity

Bluetooth – Android support has the feature of bluetooth. It supports the voice dialing, sharing contact, music player, sending files between the phones. It also support the keyboard, mouse, which is avaliable in version of Android 3.1 and the other old version too.

Tethering – Android support the tethering feature. It is a unique feature. You can access the internet without cable and net packs. It allows a phone to be used as a wireless/ WiFi hopspot between the another mobile devices and other devices. Android 2.2 doesn’t support that feature. But all the latest versions are suppoted for this feature.

3) Media- Android support the media feature, which is divided into three parts.

Streaming Media Support- It is a unique media support. The Adobe flash streaming feature and the HTTP dyanamic streaming feature are supported by the flash plugin and the other Apple HTTP streaming feature are supported by the Real player application for android.

Media support- Media is an essential part of every normal phone, android phones, pc's and the other electronic devices. Android support the many formats like, audio format – mp4, mp3, H.264, H.263 etc, video format- mp4, HD, AMR,mp3 etc, and image format- JPEG, PNG, GIF, WAV etc.

External Storage -- Maximum of the Android devices support external storage devices such as, SD card, micro SD card and other USB devices and cables. The support of these storage devices depends upon the configuration of an Android devices and the version.

Benefits of Android Application

In the current technology stage, there are different types of Android applications developed in the industry .Many of the good reasons can be associated . In the earlier times, Android is an open source platform and has many benefits of Android application. We have a list of number of benefits to combine with Android application. Such as:

  • It is easy to use and is user friendly.
  • It has exclusive guarantee.
  • It makes apps possible at no extra cost.
  • It is abunding with multimedia capacity at affordable prices.
  • It provides many numerous features and also give chance to increase the privacy.

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