CakePHP- What Is It?

CakePHP is known as an open-source rapid development framework for PHP, which comprises- structure of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure. It is specially designed to make the web-development tasks easier and simpler. CakePHP provides its users the all-in-one toolbox, so that the work could be done all together or separately with the various parts of CakePHP.

Why To Use CakePHP?

Cake PHP is a great choice of almost all the user, as it works as a tremendous framework for developing applications. Read down the features to know the use of CakePHP:

  • It Belongs To Highly Active And Friendly Community
  • It Has Flexible Licensing
  • It Is Compatible With PHP4 And PHP5
  • Application Scaffolding
  • It Has Built-In Validation
  • Data Sanitization
  • Flexible View Caching
  • It Works From Any Web Site Subdirectory
  • It Has Flexible Access Control Lists
  • It Has Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture
  • It Request Dispatcher With Good Looking, Custom Urls
  • Integrated CRUD For Database Interaction And Simplified Queries
  • It Is Fast And Flexible Template (PHP Syntax, With Helpers)
  • It Has View Helpers For AJAX, Javascript, HTML Forms And More
  • It Consists Of High Security, Session, And Request Handling Components

These Reasons Force To Choose Cakephp As Framework

MVC Pattern – It refers to Model support data handling and using this model class, you are allowed to insert, update, delete or read the data directly from the database. This pattern gives huge benefit, as it helps to easily separate the logic from the presentation.

ORM – It is known as Object Relational Mapping and work as a programming technique for converting data between object-oriented programming languages and incompatible type systems in databases.

Proper Class Inheritance – Do you know? The cake has two main folders in each project. Such as:

  • Core lib /cake/
  • Application specific one /app/

CakePHP inheritance is very realistic and understandable.

Increased With Components, Helpers, Behaviors And Plug-Ins – It allows the users to create parts of reusable code. There is no need to extend the Cakes’s core libraries, because special functionality can be placed in components, helpers, behaviors and a combination of Models, Views and Controllers encapsulated as Plug-ins.

Zero Configuration – This is the most loveable benefit! You know, in CakePHP there isn’t a single part of code /configuration/ where you need to specify the location of the library or the url of the site. In this, everything is auto-detected and the only thing you need to look for is Database connection settings.

Build In Validation – The CakePHP has now become a really useful feature, where you can easily attach multiple advanced validation rules to a single field.

Ajax Support – Now you can use the Ajax helper class in the core lib for different tasks like, form submit through Ajax, Event observer or build in Autocomplete.

ACL Functionality and Security – CakePHP has built in authorization and security, which makes it very useful.

CRUD Scaffolding – CRUD stands for, Create, Read, Update, Delete. These are the main terms which are used in most of web applications. It is also very needful and helpful, as it gives you a single line of code to see a preliminary view of your application.

Ability To Create Tests – At last, the cake also provide ability to create tests, which make it possible for us to check the critical points in the applications. The tests which are created are known as core tests and custom ones, which can be easily built anyone.

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