CRM basically spreads and grow our business! So let's start with CRM.

CRM is the system in which we perform to compile the information for the customer beyond the different channels or make contact between the customer and the company, which could consist of company website, telephone, live chat, direct mailing and social media also.This system also provides the other services like; customer facing staff detail information, the personal information and purchasing history also. Mainly customer relationship management is described as the business to business, but it also subsists the business to customer. CRM can also track the information like contacts, clients and sales increment and more.

The main approach of the CRM is to target more audience and to provide the best services according to the customer needs.

Different Features Of CRM

Some of the best and beneficial features of CRM software:

1) Malleable Security And Access Permission- The CRM system always keeps the data secure, but it also allow only the correct users access to avail an information. It should have an accessible way of allowing specific users access, without agreeing data security.

2) Tracking Customers & Product Support -The CRM software helps to collect an information of a customer and product support. This helps to give better support to the customer experience, as it creates information about how, why, where, how, when Etc. The client was disappointed with a product or service.

3) Billing & Rendering Functionality – A good CRM system can also track billing and rendering status of each customer. This helps to keep financial information and their other related reviews things like, frequency or timeliness of payments and personal account information.

4) Hardware Monitoring – The hardware monitoring features can provide services including things like, checking the status, availability of hot spots, routers and other network apparatuses. It can save time in managing or troubleshooting hardware, if left more time, then deal directly with customers.

5) Integration With External Applications- It is a key of any CRM system which has the capability to integrate with external applications. The Features include; document exchange or integration with an organization’s. Existing ERP’s are crucial when the goal is to collect and control to accurate customer information and the external data.

6) Data Reporting- If you want to create flexible business, a customer database is the leading function of CRM solutions. It is a truly effective CRM system and will also help to evaluate the existing data. Without a data reporting component, it will be hard to get the customer information, behavior trends or understand the behavior need, that are required to be taken to increase a customer relationship.

7) Business Process Automation- CRM system helps to automate the business processes. It is based on each company to decide, which tasks will more benefit from automation. It also helps the time and money, which are saved with less data entry or better reporting. Thus, it will bring more benefits like; an increase in relationship with each customer.

Different kinds Of CRM Software

All the different kinds of CRM systems provide different modules and benefits to the company. These all provide the best services for the customer satisfaction and increase your sales volume to improve your business.

  • VTiger CRM Software - It is fully featured and open source CRM application. This CRM was divided from Sugar CRM. It is the best Customer Relationship Management system for small medium business, having the same functionality like SugarCRM and It also provides a customer portal. This CRM is paid for other customer relationship management applications. This CRM is very popular software of products to a thousand users in the world. VTiger has provided some module like:
  • Marketing- It is a generally used term to describe the means of communication between the company and the consumer market. It is a process for creating, communication, delivering, and exchanging offerings that value for the customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In Marketing, it also provides a sub module like, Email marketing, mass mailing and mail merge Etc.
  • Sales- It is a process to exchange a commodity or money as the price of a good or a service. This activity is similar to selling or the amount of selling goods or services in a particular time period for more money. Sales also provide the sub module like, opportunity management, forecasting and workflow automation Etc.
  • Support- The support is considered as one of the important data channels for customer satisfaction research and to increase customer detention. It is a part of a module of Vtiger CRM. The support module also provides the sub module like, Case management, SLA's, Insight, Flexible workflow, customer portal, knowledge base.
  • Productivity- The measure of the performance of a person, machine, factory, system, Etc, in converting the inputs into useful outputs. It is a critical determinant of cost efficiency. This module provides the different modules like, task of activities, Collaboration, Reporting & Insights, Documents & Files, Mobile apps, Integration.
  • Project- It can be defined as, the project set of equivalent tasks to be executed over a fixed time period and with an exact cost and other limitations. The project also defines the temporary social system and work system that are created by the teams. It has provided the different sub modules like, Project management.
  • Inventory- Inventory is also called as stock. It is referred as, the goods and materials that a business holds for the eventual purpose of resale or repair. It is a module of Vtiger CRM. This module also provides one the other module like, Inventory management.

Vtiger CRM also provides some special benefits like:

  • Integrated set over 40 tools.
  • It is web based, easy to use and no training compulsory.
  • It has no license cost, only the customization and support charges.
  • The domain experts to take care of any level of customization.
  • It provides the Remote Development and support model to make a solution cost effective.
  • Presence in more than 10 countries to watch any physical support.

2. Microsoft Dynamic- It is a Customer Relationship Management software package. It is developed by the Microsoft. This product mainly focuses on the sales, marketing and their services. Microsoft Dynamic CRM is a server client application, which support the web services interfaces. There are many browsers to support the Microsoft Dynamic CRM like, Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox browser. The current version of Microsoft Dynamic CRM is 2015 with over 40,000 customers. It is also called as the business application that helps to track all the customer interactions and data. In the Microsoft Dynamic CRM, you can easily share the customer information with all the peoples by the multiple channels. The Microsoft Dynamic CRM has provided to the different modules like:

  • Sales - It is a first module of Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It has provided a complete and perceptive solution, that can help to salespeople in a more effective way, and they can also focus on the delivery customer experience.
  • Service – It is a second module of Microsoft Dynamic CRM. The Dynamic CRM, to allow the customer’s choice of self and support service options, fast delivering, learned and effective resolutions and harmlessly incorporates field solutions. Although there is need for on-site help. The agile solution can easily adapt the changing demands, so that the business can easily deliver to intent better outcomes in a secure, flexible and reliable environment.
  • Marketing – The Dynamics Marketing is a combined marketing resource management solution for like, marketing services, planning, execution, and analytics beyond all the channels of email, digital, social, SMS, and traditional. 
  • Social –The social is the fourth module of the Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Social always connect all the customers around the world, anywhere and anytime. And the main factor is that, to grow your business easily.
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic CRM are:
  • It is easy to improve your market by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It can be easy to set up, manage, run, analyze, and refine the operation. It can also help the marketing staff to get the best from their marketing spend, and then improve the offensive results.
  • The customer holding and revenue increases as your staff deal with queries to more quickly and comfortably.
  • The process of business can be improved properly, if implemented. Microsoft Dynamics CRM installs the ‘best practice’ approach.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves like sales forecasting, scheduling and purchasing.
  • It enables better channel management, which in turn means; you can more precisely predict the manufacturing and their production requirements.
  • The efficiency of case management and servicing are increased by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It can easily handle the customer issues, problems or support requests, improving your customer care, your reputation and customer detention. 

3. SugarCRM - It is the world best open source CRM. This CRM software is based in Cupertino and California. It produces the web application. The SugarCRM is available in both open source and commercial open source applications. The functionality of Sugarcrm like, the marketing service, customer support, mobile CRM, social CRM and reporting.

The one of the special things about SugarCRM is that, It is fundamentally an open source application, means that the source code of the application is available to any user, developer or the customer of the product. It always uses the AGPLv3 licensed or commercial licensed version. If the application comes with complete source code and enable the developer to customize, then the product can be easily used and can control the application. Thus, and data will be in your hands.

The latest version of SugarCRM was launched in Feb 2014. It is a new open source version of their community edition application. This CRM also provides the different modules like:

  • Marketing – Service Management, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Management, and Data Enrichment.
  • Sales – Performance Management, CPQ, Proposal, Contract Management, eCommerce, Relationship Intelligence, Analytics, Social Sales, Content Enablement, and Partner Enablement.
  • Service and Support – Multichannel Contact Center, CTI integration, Voice of the Customer, Field Service, Social Service, Service Analytics, Knowledge Management.
  • Integration and Management – ERP, Accounting & Financial Management, Integration Platforms, and Cloud Services.
  • Productivity – Content Management, Web Conferencing, Enterprise Collaboration, Email & Calendar, Location Based Services, Business Process Management, and Learning Management.
  • Data and Analytics – Data Enrichment, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.
Benefits of SugarCRM
  • Flexibility – The SugarCRM comes with a large variety of third-party applications. This software also provides the multiple of Add-on, which makes it the best and the perfect CRM solution for small and large businesses alike. It is also important thing is that the platform is built on an open-source application. It means, that it is easier and simple to customize SugarCRM as compared to many other similar products in the market.
  • Project Management – In the Project management, the marketing process, and customer support is done by only one portal. These abilities allow the project managers to monitor tasks and identify opportunities. The SugarCRM users no longer need to worry about less information and lost data.
  • Mobility – It can be accessed through mobile devices. This means, your sales team will never miss out on the potential sale.The information can be seamlessly entered on the mobile device and a salesman can be called in within the minutes.
  • Social Networking – This activity is very easy to view on various social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can also synchronize the contacts, tasks, and calendars from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and any other IMAP mail servers.
  • Affordability – This contribution rates are affordable to small and medium scale businesses. The rates are easy on the wallet and get maximum value for your money.

Impact On Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important role for any business performance. It has the capability to increase the customer’s honesty and their right behavior, and also the minimum complaints and likelihood of customer retention. The CRM approach is mainly used to affect the customer satisfaction and the customer knowledge for many opposite reasons.

The CRM software helps to customize the offerings according to an individual taste of their customers. This customization increases the perceived quality of products and their services from the customer's viewpoint, because of the quality of a customer satisfaction. It also follows that, CRM software indirectly affect customer satisfaction. This software also enables to provide timely, exact processing of customer orders and requests and to the ongoing management of customer accounts and their other services.

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