Welcome To The Brave World Of Digital Marketing

The digital media’s are constantly enhancing day by day with its advanced technologies and causing an admirable change in the way we make choices to choose any service or product.

The digital marketing phenomenon has not only transformed the way of our accessing information, but how we make communication and interaction with one another in this global era.

Let’s start the digital marketing journey through below simple terms:


It is very important to understand your audience carefully and know what people should really get your service. For example: You don’t ask a thin person to join your weight loss program, or you don’t sell your milk products to the people, who are Lactose-Intolerant.

You need to completely understand the people’s choice, What they want? Why they want, and How do they want?. You must have noticed that many companies keep on conducting surveys to know the choices of people in a majority. These surveys brings a lot of improvements in the company’s environment towards its customer base.

After this survey, the companies go through the customer’s profile and know the interests, their age, their enumerations, so as they can create a document of user base that would retrieve maximum results. So it’s as simple, if you will not study and understand your audience perception, all your promotions and marketing would be unjustified.


The creation of a landing page is all about play of web-designers. When any user clicks on the advertisement, he directly takes place on your website. So, here comes the actual play of a web-designer. The website should be so appealing to a user, that he gets attracted to the website and check out all the tabs created. Everything your site contains, plays a needful role in the promotional activity. Keep in mind, that your designer creates an appealing website, with good quality images and even colors. This will leave a positive impact on the user.

So, prefer to opt for everything that goes into your landing page sensibly.


Now, this is the point where most of the startups fail. It is merely important to develop right marketing strategy, which can mean greater modification. Digital marketing can relatively be divided into 2 categories:


Free and ‘Low Quality’can be considered in all cases, but not truly in the case of Digital Marketing. Well, there are some intellectual techniques used in the field of Digital Marketing that make your product practically free. Some of these are documented below:


It’s been a long time now, but blogging is still around. And for sure, it’s not going to be out of fashion in the near future. So, all you have to do is-

Create a blog post according to your product with some appealing content. Take favor of some known users to put on the reviews for a product in your blog. After looking at the reviews, your audience will read out your blog and decided whether to go for your product or not. Thus, Blogging is the best way to drive audiences to your brand.


Simple Line To Understand- You obviously do a search on Google. So, which links you mostly click on? 200th? 100th? 50th? No, not at all! It’s a fact, that almost all people like to click on the first 5-6 links. This is where SEO takes its place.

Therefore, SEO is used to optimize your website in such a manner, that the link to your website takes its place on the first page of the search results. All in one, the well back-end strategy needs to be followed, if you want to get your website in the top of the results.


There is nothing to believe, but it’s true that maximum of the people found present online, on one or the other social media platforms. With no complaints, it is the simplest technique of them all. We all know the power of social media in our real life. So, start gathering an audience by creating a page about your product or brand. After that, let your friend’s know about your page creation and ask them to, like and share your page. Try to make maximum posts and let it reach to your favorite audience.


This strategy works for a user, who want to finalize the budgets and is willing enough to lose his pocket. Such users, reach out to their audience and make their product superior. The techniques included in this process are:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This technique is worth useable and adapted to put an advertisement over the internet. When any user click on that particular advertisement, he/she will directly gets onto your landing page. But yes! It is paid, so you get charged.

Pay Per View (PPV)

This technique is a little bit more expensive than PPC, because it will charge you even if the user simply views your ad. PPV generally include pop up ads and video ads.

Ad Banners

Ad Banners are used by the companies in a particular space on a web page. For this, the companies need to pay rent to the page owners. Companies can also completely buy out that ad space from the page owner.

Digital Marketing is all about the consumers! Means-

What they are looking for? What their values are? And, How can we meet their needs?. So, if you will look after the consumers, your brand can be accomplished with proper planning and the right approach.

What You Will Learn In This Journey?

Digital Marketing Overview

What Does Marketing Mean?
What Is Digital Marketing?
Understanding The Marketing Process
Why Digital Marketing Wins Over Traditional Marketing?
Understanding Digital Marketing Process

Increasing Visibility

  • What Is Visibility?
  • Types Of Visibility
  • Examples Of Visibility

Visitors Engagement

  • What Is Engagement?
  • Why It Is Important?
  • Examples Of Engagement

Bringing Targeted Traffic

  • Inbound
  • Outbound

Converting Traffic Into Leads

  • Types Of Conversion
  • Understanding The Conversion Process


  • Why It Is Important?
  • Types Of Retention

Performance Evaluation

  • Why It Is Important?
  • Tools Needed

Email Marketing

  • What Is Email Marketing?
  • How Email Works?
  • Challenges Faced In Sending Bulk Emails
  • How To Over Come These Challenges?
  • Types Of Email Marketing- Opt-In & Bulk Emailing
  • What Is Opt-In Email Marketing?
  • Setting Up an Email Marketing Account
  • Best Platforms To Do Opt-In Email Marketing
  • Setting Up Lists & Web Form
  • Creating A Broadcast Email
  • What Are Auto Responders?
  • Setting Up Auto Responders
  • How To Do Bulk Emailing?
  • Best Practices To Send Bulk Emails
  • Tricks To Land In Inbox Instead Of Spam Folder
  • Top Email Marketing Software’s & A Glimpse Of How To Use Them
  • Improving ROI With A/B Testing

Lead Generation For Business

  • Understanding Lead Generation For Business
  • Importance of Lead Genereation
  • Understanding Landing Pages
  • Understanding Thank-You Page
  • Landing Page Vs Website
  • Best Practices To Create A Landing Page
  • Best Practices To Create A Thank-You Page
  • Practical Exercise- Creating A Landing Page
  • What Are The Types Of Landing Pages?
  • Reviewing Landing Pages Created By Trainees
  • What Is A/B Testing?
  • How To Do A/B Testing?
  • Selecting Landing Pages After A/B Testing
  • Converting Leads Into Sales
  • Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • Understanding Lead Funnel
  • Steps In Leads Nurturing

Search Engine Optimization

  • What Is SEO?
  • Introduction To Serp
  • What Are Search Engines?
  • How Search Engines Work?
  • Major Functions Of A Search Engine
  • What Are Keywords?
  • Different Types Of Keywords
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Keywords Research Process
  • Understanding Keywords Mix
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Top Tools For SEO
  • Monitoring SEO Process
  • Preparing SEO Reports
  • SEO Strategy Creation
  • What Is Link Juice?
  • Importance Of Domain And Page Authority
  • What Is a Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What Is Google Penguin?
  • What Is a Google Emd Update?

Search Media Optimization

What Is Social Media?
Understanding of Existing Social Media Paradigms & Psychology
How Social Media Marketing Is Different Than Others?
What Are The Forms Of Internet Marketing?
Facebook Marketing

  • Practical Session 1
  • Understanding Facebook Marketing
  • Creating Facebook Page
  • Uploading Contacts For Invitation
  • Exercise On Fan Page Wall Posting
  • Increasing Fans On Fan Page
  • How To Do Marketing On Fan Page (With Examples)
  • Fan Engagement
  • Important Apps To Do Fan Page Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Types Of Facebook Advertising
  • Best Practices For Facebook Advertising
  • Understanding Facebook Best Practices
  • Understanding Edgerank And Art Of Engagement
  • Practical Session 2
  • Creating A Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Targeting At Ad Campaign
  • Payment Module- Cpc Vs CPM Vs CPA
  • Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • Using Power Editor Tool For Adv.
  • Advance Facebook Advertising Using Tools Like Qwaya

LinkedIn Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Video Marketing

Content Marketing

  • Introduction To Content Marketing
  • What Is Content Marketing
  • Objective Of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing 7 Step Strategy Building Process
  • 18 Types Of Content With Examples
  • How To Write Great Compelling Content?
  • Keyword Research For Content Ideas
  • Optimizing Content For Search Engines
  • What is Authority Blog?
  • Steps Towards Developing An Authority Blog
  • Ways To Monetizing Authority Blog
  • How To Market Your Content?
  • Debate- Doesn’t Great Content Just Spread By Itself
  • Understanding Second Customer
  • Importance Of Second Customer
  • How To Increase Second Customer?
  • 25 Unique Ways To Write Magnetic Headlines
  • 180 Examples Of Magnetic Headlines
  • How To Increase Opt-In Email List With Content Marketing With Examples?
  • Case Study On Content Marketing

Google Analytics

  • Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Working Of Google Analytics
  • Understanding Google Analytics Account Structure
  • Understanding Google Analytics Insights
  • Understanding Cookie Tracking
  • Types Of Cookie Tracking Used By Google Analytics
  • Starting With Google Analytics
  • How To Set Up Analytics Account?
  • How To Add Analytics Code In A Website?
  • Understanding Goals And Conversions
  • How To Target Goals?
  • Understanding Bounce & Bounce Rate
  • How To Diminish Bounce Rate?
  • How To Set Up Funnels In Goals?
  • Importance Of Funnels
  • How To Integrate Adwords And Analytics Account
  • Measuring Performance Of Marketing Campaigns Via
  • Google Analytics
  • Concept of Link Tagging
  • How To Set Up Filters And Segments?
  • How To View Customized Reports?
  • Monitoring Traffic Sources
  • Taking Corrective Actions If Required

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Google Adwords Overview
  • Understanding Inorganic Search Results
  • Introduction To Google Adwords & Ppc
  • Overview Of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
  • How To Set-up Google Adwords Account?
  • Advertising
  • Understanding Adwords Account Structure
  • Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords, Etc
  • Various Types Of Advertising Campaigns- Search,
  • Display, Shopping & Video
  • Understanding Adwords Algorithm
  • How Does Adwords Rank Ads?
Understanding Adwords Algorithm
  • Understanding Adwords Algorithm (Adrank) In Detail With Examples
  • What Is Quality Score?
  • Why The Quality Score Is Important?
  • What Is CTR?
  • Importance Of CTR
  • Understanding Bids

Creating Search Campaigns

Creating Ads

Optimizing Search Campaigns

Tracking Performance


Online Management Reputation

  • Concept Of Online Reputation Management
  • Why Online Reputation Management Is Need Of The Hour?
  • Understanding ORM Scenario
  • How To Accord With Criticism Online?
  • Online Reputation Management Precepts
  • Ways To Create Positive Brand Image Online
  • Best Examples Of Online Reputation Management
  • Understanding Tools For Monitoring Online Reputation
  • Step By Step Guide To Overcome Negative Online Reputation

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