Magento Introduction

Magento has the ability to recognize the needs of the customer and provides all support to shop with only a few products, adding an increase in their business from bottom to top notch without changing the platform. Magneto has a variety of peripherals and themes to enhance the customer’s experience with many more aspects of the online store. The online store has lots of preferences which need to be configured depending business activity.

Magento is an application developed in such manner so that a non-developer can also browse it easily. The Magento community is extremely large and very helpful. There are quite a few reasons why developers are in demand to accustom the Magento website because the system is a very tough, even in its basic, more so even than a Drupal site (and Durapal is no light weight). Once you introduce your business with fewer products and make a jump of thousands of products, you require someone who is expertise in this field, for example there are clients who need additional options to view their dashboard. We have a habit to view products in groups of 5,25 or 50 but still there are clients whose requirement is to view products roundabout 2000. So to change the functionality we need an expert who really understands Magento, and follows best practices.

Experienced developers will also tell you that speed is of the essence in eCommerce. No one wants to have to wait for systems to reload when you're doing a lot of online shopping. With such a robust list of features native to the application, strains can be put on your server. While we haven't yet had a Magento client require more than one server for their online store, I can foresee that situation arising in the future.


Analytics and Reporting- The scripts were thoroughly studied by Google Analytics and different reports were given accordingly:

  • Product Browsing- Multiple images for products were introduced including options for extensive reviews, wish lists and much more.
  • Catalog Browsing- Browsings were made easy with more navigation options to search and make benefit of the advanced product filtering system. A product comparison chart was inserted for easy shopping.
  • Catalog Management- Flexible inventory management along with batch to import and export of products, tax rates are applicable and differs as per location, additional product attributes.
  • Customer Accounts- With Magento feature, now you can place your feedback on order status and history, e-mails and RSS feeds for products in the wishlist, newsletter subscription, default billing and shipping address.
  • Customer Service- Enhanced features for customers' accounts, Contact Us form, comprehensive order tracking and history, customizable order e-mails.
  • Order Management- You can create orders through the admin area, create multiple invoices shipments and credit memos, call center order creation option.
  • Payment- You can make payments through credit cards, PayPal,, Google Checkout, checks, money orders, take the support of external payment modules like Cybersource, ePay, eWAY and many more.
  • Shipping- The shipping facilities are also available on multiple addresses, flat rate shipping, supports UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL.
  • Checkout- You can also make one page checkout or have SSL support and checkout without having an account.
  • Search Engine Optimization- 100% Search Engine user friendly, Google of SiteMap support.
  • International Support – Support are given to localization, multiple languages and currencies, lists of certain countries are updated for registration, purchasing and shipping.
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools – coupons, discounts and different promotion options.
  • Site Management - Capacity to have a control of multiple web sites, easily available in multiple languages, tax rate with support for US and International markets, the customizable outlook through templates.

Benefits of Using Magento

  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins
  • Open source technology that offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions
  • Effective and cost sensitive program
  • Allow for various discounts and promotions during checkout
  • Provides more than 50 payment gateways

With the divergent features, Magento, a leading to rich featuring, open-source e-Commerce platform, is well known for offering store owners with ultimate flexibility to manage their visual appeal, content and functioning of their online stores.

Thanks to its wide array of business benefits, Magento has succeeded in marking its name as one of the most reliable and reputed e-commerce site development platform.

What’s more Magento software provides?

  • It ensures that customers have quite interactive and enjoyable online shopping experience. Even if you are not using the Magento software, you can replace your existing web store into Majento software to have dynamic interface and impressive user experience for your valued customers.
  • Magento ensures the support for web based stores and multiple websites also.
  • Magento has simple structure and an array of extensions, to help you to make your web store quite scalable.
  • The working of Magento is dynamic, fast yet simple and making it extremely easy for buyers to search and buy products through the website.
  • It offers tools for SEO, Online marketing, catalogue management, according to the client’s needs.
  • With the help of Magento extensions, you can also add new features and tweaking current ones, with one aim – saving time, or making the process smoother and easier.

Magento CE Strengths:

  • Magento is engulfed with features, including promotions and coupons
  • It has an active user forum
  • It is highly customizable
  • It has a solid SEO platform
  • The Mobile version is available in Magento
  • It has high scalability

Magento Go Strengths:

  • Magento comes with plenty of built-ins
  • It has accessible support
  • Magento doesn’t charge any transaction fees

Why Magento?

The Magento platform is enriched with unlimited packs of user-friendly features. The user is allowed to update the eCommerce website automatically of his own, which is clearly not available at any other e-commerce platforms. This platform is known to be very simple, quick and flexible, which makes it possible for all the customers to easily buy or search the product and service he wish to do through Magento-powered  websites.

What are the Main Reasons for the Increasing Demand of Magento?

  • Security: Yes! Magento is demanded because of its security. eCommerce sites should be very trustworthy. Therefore, security is must! The Magento Enterprise edition has Secure Payment Bridge, which provides PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).
  • Scalability: The Magento platform is known for its Scalability & Robustness, which are its prime characteristics.
  • Robust Framework: Magento is known as the most robust open source framework and is very much suitable for eCommerce business sites. The magneto architecture is designed to have several thousand products, users and assist heavy traffic. Moreover, the platform can also handle product base, database & traffic hits in the millions.
  • Feature Rich: Magento is enriched with high quality features like up-sell, marketing modules, product bundles, stock management Etc., which are the important requirements in any eCommerce store. It also features to support Multilingual, Multi- currency as well as Multi-stores.
  • Search Engine Friendly: In terms of managing SEO friendly URLs, Meta Description, generating dynamic Sitemaps and so on, Magento is known to be very search engine friendly. And of course, almost every online business needs both On-site and Off-site SEO optimization.

Case Study

Our Client

Our client is the founder of one of the world's leading textile industry, covering almost all the countries of the globe.

Problem space

Problem he was facing is that, he was unable to manage orders, his website was not 100% SEO friendly, he was unable to do product browsing, he was unable to do catalog browsing. It was very difficult for him to manage his website orders and payments.


We suggested him to develop his website on the Magento platform, as it provides:

  • Order Managemen
  • It Has SEO Tools
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Provide Different Payment Methodologies

Then he considered our suggestion and build his website on the Magento platform. Magento helped him very in every aspect, and now he can properly manage his website.

Client Benefits-
  • He can manage his website properly.
  • He can do SEO of his website properly.
  • It allows him to update his eCommerce website automatically.
  • It is dynamic, fast yet simple, making it extremely easy for buyers to search and buy products through the website.

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