The version of Zend framework is 1.7 and the PHP requires 5.2.4. The old version is required PHP 5.1.4 or later. After sometime they have increase the security and also improve the version of php. The Zend framework 2.0 and require php is 5.3.3. This framework can be used seperately. It provides the many offers like high performance MVC implementation, a robust, a databse abstration to use a simple way, validation, and filtering so that developers can centralized all of these operation using easy to use and object oriented interface. Zend framework provides the many component like, Zend_Auth and Zend _Acl etc. This components povides the authentication and approval against the common attestation stores. The imporatant thing of that framework is, it reduse the development time with assiduously tested foundation.

Current Development of Zend Framework

The current development of of Zend Framework includes; reducing the reliance call function, magic method, abatement of singleton classes like, controller, Zend Etc., and the module based configuration in Zend or application.The new requirements of the MVC infrastructure of the next version of the framework are currently discussed on the wiki. The Zend Framework recently used 2.0 versions. It will be planning of new versions of Zend Framework. But no new code has been released in that time. The Zend Framework offers the free edition of Zend Framework and Zend Server. The Zend Server is adaptable with common debugging tools like, Xdebug. These tools provide many services. The many developers want to use the different PHP heap and other IDE tools like Eclipse PDT, which works on Zend Framework and Zens Server also. The free version of Eclipse PDT with Zend debugger is available on the Zend website.

Features of Zend Framework

Features is the very important part of any of the framework or any of the application. Zend Framework provides many features including:

  • All the Zend Frameworks are thoroughly object oriented PHP 5 and E_ strict flexible, which helps to improve the development framework and writing code in an error free and crash proof application aspect.
  • Zend supports for the numerous database and vendors like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, Informix Dynamic Server and MariaDB.
  • It is a very flexible system with the support of many types of back end like, memory or file system.
  • Zend provides the Email composition and delivery, pursuit via a Maildir, POP3 and IMAP4.
  • It has always used at desire architecture with loosely coupled components and essential interdependencies.
  • Zend Framework supports the formative MVC implementation supporting layouts and PHP based templates. It is the best feature of Zend framework.
  • The Special feature of Zend framework is that, it provides the MVC and MVC code generation based on Zend tool and the other component is coded formatter, code completion, parameter assists Etc.

Reasons To Use The Zend Framework

Reason 1- Enhance Classes like There's no Tomorrow

This framework is a thoroughly object oriented framework and provides many utilizing concepts of object oriented. It is an open source platform for PHP. Zend framework allows to create unique functionality, which is unique to your project and application, but you will also use this functionality for another project or application. This framework allows developers to implement their own special varieties of respective components without hacking the ZF code base itself. It reduces the development time with assiduously tested foundation.

Reason 2- Object-oriented superiority

The Zend framework is mainly based on an object. The main advantage of this framework is the capability to make a code into reusable, and nobody likes to repeat the code. This is a very good thing of Zend framework. The main disadvantage is that, it uses more complicated codes.

Reason 3- Use What you Need, Forget Everything Else

The designing of Zend Framework is a mainly collection of classes. This framework uses many MVC components to create a completely function of the Zend Framework project. One of the main things about Zend Framework is that, Zend Framework component is the (GData) real PHP library authorized by Google to admittance its API. If any of the frameworks is decoupled in nature, then framework allows to use the component in any project.

Reason 4- Assimilate with Whatever you Want!

In Zend Framework, it is a decoupled nature to easily assimilate the other libraries that you want to use. If you want to use the simplest and smarty as your guiding the system. This framework can be done by easily creating a wrapping class for Zend_View, Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl, which uses the smarty instance to render the view .

Reason 5- Instructions and Requirements

Every framework have the requirements and follow the instructions as per rule of the framework. Each framework has different requirements and instructions. The Zend Framework is developed in combination with a very expended Contribute Guide, which is basically that:
1) The code must be observed to strict the coding standards .
2) Each code must be tested, as they are essential and covered by the unit test using PHP unit. These instructions ensure that only use the readable, high quality code that has been tested carefully.

Reason 6- All Code is convicted Until Proven Innocent

The Zend framework provides the test driven development technique (TDD). It is a programming technique that requires developers to write the test for the function, before writing the code for the function itself. When a developer writes the test, he need to check and write the many things like:

  • Write the possible use-cases of his code
  • Creates a hit list of input and output
  • Makes it accessible to refactor his code
  • Makes it accessible to pass the code from one person to another

Zend Framework makes it easy to do TDD via Zend_Test, which uses PHP Unit. It can test the popular unit testing framework. This framework provides the tools like Zend_tool, which is Zend Framework's boarding utility, already makes provisions for PHP Unit, when you use it to create your project. Zend_tool also try to board your project and files. It is easy to change for other setups.

Reason 7- Commonality and Authentication

Zend Framework provides the multiple component and also provide many object oriented logics and approaches. This framework is a very arduous learning curve. It is easy to learn the programming due to the fullness of its documentation. The Zend Framework programmers provide the complete guide of all the components, with examples, code and usage theory. It's also provide the lot of acumen, clever uses and the complete component explanation for Zend Framework. Zend also has a site called the Zend Developer Zone. This site is a very famous site, as it provides the podcasts, articles about PHP in general, video and tutorial of different frameworks.

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